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Hi Fern and friends, I’m Lisa and I’m very seriously considering adopting a pup from Bichon Lovers. I would love to hear about your pups and experiences. 

Thanks in advance.

Answers to Lisa’s question:

Judy  I’ve had one of Fern’s pups for 10 years. You won’t find a better breeder or better pups anywhere. Mine is male (I had hoped for a female but none were available at the time) and he has been a real Momma’s boy! He’s always cuddling with me on the couch and he sleeps on the floor right beside my bed. When I go to another room, he trots along with me. I love him to bits. You won’t be disappointed. April/15

Kristin  While I have not adopted personally, I have followed them for a while and have only seen evidence of a completely legit, ethical, loving and responsible breeder who cares just as much for the pups as the moms. I enjoy seeing all the pictures and hearing all the happy stories that start with their adoptions. Best of luck to you!April 1, 2015 

Lisa Thank you for sharing Judy and Kristin . I have had such a great start with Fern. Her knowledge, patience and time spent with me chatting on the phone has already exceeded my expectations. Can’t wait to visit the pups!April 1, 2015 

Tracy Hi Lisa. My family adopted a boy(ruffy) and a girl(coco) and they are brother and sister. It was a wonderful experience as I was able to meet fern and meet my pups mum and dad. You can see the attention to detail and the loving clean environment in which the pups are raised. I warn you though, I only came to get one!!

April 2, 2015 

Diane Excellent breeders. Our Koby is now 8 years old and has no health issues.

April 2, 2015 

Kristin I live in Connecticut, and confess I envy your opportunity to adopt from her quite a bit!

April 1, 2015 at 9:57pm

Janet  Excellent breeder! I adopted my Timmie who is now three. Just make an appointment to visit Fern and her dogs and you will be very impressed with her nursery and how well she takes care of her dogs. You can’t go wrong adopting from Fern and David – they truly love their dogs and puppies!  April , 2015 at 2:20pm

Lisa Hi everyone, thank you so much for sharing your thoughts and experiences with me. I picked up my sweet boy today and couldn’t be happier. He is so sweet and I’m completely in love already. Fern and David’s place was clean, great and all about the dogs. Truly a great breeder. Thank you both for letting me meet Mom and Dad.

A great experience.

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Nicole you do a sensational job on their haircuts!

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May 12, 2016
To Whom It May Concern:
I have known David and Fern Flett from Bichon Lovers Kennels Reg. for over six years.
I adopted my Bichon Bea-Gee from them in 2009 after doing much research on breeders in Canada and The States.
Their establishment is beyond impeccable, very clean and odor free and safe for their Sirs, Dams and puppies.
Fern and David have created a loving, healthy environment for their dogs.  All are well fed using a species appropriate diet and great care and attention is given to raising healthy dogs and puppies.  They make sure their adopted puppies and retired dogs go to loving homes that promise to raise and care for their adoptees in the same manner.
Fern and David continue to do extensive research to make sure their knowledge base stays up to date and enthusiastically pass this information on to the Buyers of their dogs and anyone else who wants to raise healthy dogs.
I would highly recommend David and Fern Flett, Bichon Lovers Kennels.  Their honesty and integrity is very rare in today’s world.
I wanted to Thank you Fern..
Roger and I picked up my 2 babies in January of 2007, 3 months before he passed away. He truly loved Maggie Rose she was his girl… She grieved so when he died, she hid in the basement for the first week, after that she was very reserved, she would only let me start hugging her about 2 years ago… Roger and Maggie spent every moment together for 3 months, a love and bond that Maggie grieved over for years, and now I know why, she is by far the most loving, and trusting soul I have ever met. So loving, gentle and protective over Wee Jessie and her Momma. I will be forever in your debt for giving me Maggie Rose partly because she gave Roger so much love in his last day, but mainly because she has become my soulmate. My Wee Jessie is my baby, my Diva, but is non commitial to one person, everyone has to love her, and as much as I love her and am proud of her, she is very different from Maggie… My Babies will be 10 in October, you have given me 10 beautiful years with my girls. I Thank God for that every day. Kim
Thank you Kim
Kim your memories are so beautiful of your husbands relationship with Maggie. Even though their time together was cut short they are memories straight from your heart that will last a life time. I remember how excited Roger was to pick up the girls. The ten years have gone passed so fast. Some people call me and ask if they should get a pup when their loved one will soon be passing. It’s clearly a wonderful loving experience and I will share your story. Thank you for sharing how Roger and Maggie got to spend those precious last three months of his life together and how Maggie and Jessie have been your comfort and joy all these 10 years. It makes me feel so very happy and reminds me that I raise these little angels to bring so much joy into people’s lives. God Bless

Dear Fern & David,

As we begin a brand new year and reflect on our November (2015) journey from Calgary, to Langton to adopt our darling Twin Bichon Girls from you, we  wanted to thank you for making our dreams come true, and provide you with an update on how our girls are doing!

As you know, we have been an exclusive BICHON Home for 16 years now.  The twin girls that we adopted from you are our 4th and 5th female bichon girls and we are so thrilled to have found you and them!

Of all of the Breeders that we have met over the years with our Adoptions, not one can hold a candle to the exceptional service that BichonLovers offers to their new pet parents.

I wonder if your ongoing adoptive families know all of the “extra” things that you do to make adopting a puppy such an enjoyable & informed
experience as the two of you make it?!

From the minute that we contacted you folks, initially to adopt just one puppy, you made us feel comfortable that we had complete access to you, and visual access via FaceTime to your Kennel, the Mum to be, to previous litters born and eventually, seeing the very litter that our two girls came from!

I thought after all of these years I knew everything there was to know about Bichons, but you proved me wrong!  The numerous informative emails regarding Vaccination concerns, benefits of a raw diet..especially the Gourmet Pets4Life formula that you recommend all made sense to us and our girls sure are healthy and playful, proof that you have devoted a lot of time and energy into dietary and veterinary practices/concerns.

I wouldn’t hesitate for one secondto highly recommend you & David to anyone who is looking to adopt a lovely, healthy Bichon puppy.  From past & now present experience, we thoroughly enjoyed and more importantly, appreciated all of the emails, pictures, updates, recommendations that you took the time to provide to us on an ongoing basis right up to the minute we got to PICK and hold our girls!!

Other Breeders haven’t shared the Pregnancy nor birth with us to the extent that you did!  Although we could request a gender from other breeders there was no guarantee that we would have gotten just what we hoped for–at first one but in the end, Two female Littermates!

Let me close by sharing with you a little profile of each twin!

Our Bella Rae was the larger of the two ladies that we chose, but surprisingly, the gentler of the two!  She has the sweetest disposition!  Always makes eye contact with you..even from across the room!  Loves to steal treats from her twin & big sister
She’s a clever little bandit with the happiest face & a tail that never stops wagging!!  She loves to cuddle up with anyone of us, learned her name instantly, is very sensitive and was the first of the two, to do her business in the designated area in the house.  She is also my little “informant”, lol!  When twin, Ciara is doing something she shouldn’t be, Bella barks for Mum to check things out!!

Ciara was the smaller of the two initially; she is rapidly catching up to her twin, Bella, in height & size.  She definitely is the Alpha female in our home, even with her older sister, Dixie (4 yr’s old).  Ciara loves to sing complex little songs with her squeaky toys; is the first to run to the windows & or doors barking if anyone happens to walk by; is super energetic and like a magnet, lives to chase her twin & big sister around the house!!  Also a cuddler, she loves to be held and talked to, and is nicknamed little Braveheart for her fearless personality!

Hard to believe the Twins are 4 months old already!  Still young, they are inseparable but not so much so, that they don’t interact with their bigger sister or us.

They naturally try to engage with each of us–Mum, Dad, & Dixie!  Yes they eat out of the same bowl & sleep together either in one of 3 beds…always cuddling up with one another but if we engage with them, and we do, constantly, they engage right back!!

All said & done folks, we love them dearly and can’t believe our good fortune in having the two of them, together.  Dix is having the time of her life playing with them & they with her!!  It’s a busy but happy, healthy household and we wouldn’t have it any other way!!

Thank you for all of your patience, kindness, honesty, accessibility & transparency throughout the entire adoption process.

We couldn’t be happier!  Not only did we add 2 beautiful gals to the family, we feel as if we gained two lifelong friends in you & David, in the process!

Big Hugs, more as the girls continue to grow!!

Big Hugs,
Bo, Ken, Dixie, Bella&Ciara


Customer Reviews

BoniLyn Trip: Fern Flett is an exceptionally knowledgeable, dedicated & devoted Breeder who tirelessly keeps in touch with her Pet Parents. Never too busy to be reached, never too busy to answer any questions. Her Mums and Dad Bichons are healthy, vibrant & healthy! She is proud to show you her entire kennel; we met our Bichon parents, and were able to see all of the pups as well! We adopted Two Twin Girls from Fern. They are strong, healthy, happy, playful beautiful pups whom we love dearly! Fern doesnt just sell fantastic puppies she really goes out of her way to give you an Adoption! We got Mum’s pregnancy pictures; newborn puppy pictures… regularly all the way thru their growth & development right up to the day we met them & took them home! We still keep in touch with Fern and think very highly of her and all the extra work that she puts into breeding her lovely Bichons. I wouldn’t hesitate for a minute to highly recommend Fern & David Flett to any family wanting beautiful healthy Bichon puppy! She sets the bar for what all Breeders should be!
Nicole:  The kennel is top-notch. The dogs are so well loved and care for that I wouldn’t hesitate to refer her to anyone. Always ready to answer any questions whenever you call or email. Shares her vast knowledge about how to raise your dog as natural as possible. The dogs always come first because it is not just a job but a labour of love. Blessed to have found an amazing breeder.
Sherry larsen: Adopted 2 puppies from bichon lovers and the puppies are healthy and have fantastic personalities. They are very smart. Fern takes extra care in raising her puppies, providing them with natural nourishment to build their immunity systems. As a repeat adopter – I can honestly state that I feel my puppies have come from an excellent breeder.
Marianne Wright: My dog is happy healthy sweet and exactly what the breed is supposed to be. No surprise health problems. Fern and David care about their work,
Judy Martin: Excellent breeder! Space where she keeps the puppies and Moms was immaculate. She cares about every puppy like it was her own child! Provides follow up advice even after puppy goes to new home. My dog is 11 years old now. He has had no significant health or behaviour issues. He is good with children and has been my constant companion.
Grace Easton: Very knowledgeable breeder. Honest. Raises puppies with the utmost care for their health in mind. Their facilities are outstanding in cleanliness.
Diane Bernard: We bought Koby 8 years ago and he is the the best dog in the world ! His temperament is so sweet and friendly. He is also very healthy and always has been. I would buy from Fern again . Excellent breeders !
Janet Sharratt: Superb Bichon Frise breeder. Fern and David really put a lot of love and care from a very clean and neat nursery, to feeding their dogs a raw healthy diet and are always keeping their puppy owners up to date on ways to keep your dog healthy after they go to their forever home. Fern is always there to ask questions and gives very good advice and references to read if you have any questions. My Timmie is now 4 1/2 years old and is absolutely healthy and happy dog. He has never had any health issues, no skin allergies or other any other issues whatsoever. If you are looking for a breeder with a good reputation of taking care of her dogs and producing healthy puppies, Bichon Lovers is the place to go. They are very open to let you visit with them and Fern always screens her potential puppy owners to make sure they will love and care for her puppies as she and David do themselves. They love to stay in touch and see pictures of how their puppies grow into beautiful healthy dogs! I would give a 5 Paw recommendation.
Susan Otto: Hi. Fern is over the top! Very caring, clean, and very well experienced breeder who certainly knows everything there is possibly to know about breeding, Bichons, and more. I would recommend Fern / Bichon Lovers to everyone..
Sergio Brotto: We adopted Lola Love from Fern over 4 years ago and we were extremely happy with our entire experience during the adoption process and we continue to keep in touch with Fern to this day. We have referred many friends to Fern because of the way she raises her pups and cares for her pack. Fern has taken on a natural approach with her Bichons and it shows in the health of all her dogs. Recently did a full check up on Lola Love: all the blood work including titres, stool and urine sample. 100% healthy and happy. Fern is a wealth of knowledge. Listen and reap the benefits of having a loving, happy, healthy companion for years to come. I would encourage anyone looking for a Bichon to adopt from Fern.
Kimberly Fudge-Hofstetter: I would recommend this breeder absolutely. I feel confident that you will not find another breeder who loves our fur babies like Fern does. I have 2 babies that I adopted from her, My wee Jessie Beth and my beautiful Maggie Rose, they will be 10 years old in October, and they have brought me nothing but Love. Fern has kept in contact with us, she has asked for updates on my babies, and offered advice when needed. They may be our Fur Babies but Auntie Fern plays the role well, keeping them a part of her life. I would without doubt buy from her again, and would recommend the same to anyone looking for beautiful fur babies.Lucia Great breeder, amazing puppy.
Florence: We are so happy with our puppy Watson, he is a bound of energy and very loveable. We are very fortunate to have crossed paths with Bichon Lovers; It is obvious this is their passion, they take great care in raising healthy and happy puppies and willingness to share their great knowledge of doggies in general. Kudos to Bichon Lovers!
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