What is Natural Rearing?

While there are no guarantees in life and Natural Rearing does not guarantee anything; Natural Rearing does bring the promise of a longer lived, healthier dog.


“Let food be your medicine and medicine be your Food.”
– Hippocrates 400 BC


Natural Rearing is more than just a diet; it is a holistic Life style. It’s about going back to how they ate thousands of years ago right upto today the natural ways and caring for your dogs as closely to nature as possible.


Natural immunities 
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Vaccinations, To Vaccinate or Not


The purpose of this article is to explain why I personally and many Natural Rearing/holistic dog breeders don’t vaccinate their puppies/dogs. If you are unfamiliar with holistic or naturopathic medicine, most of this article may not be very meaningful to you. In fact, you might even decide that anyone who doesn’t give vaccines to their puppies is insane. You are indeed welcome to your own opinions. Read more
Common Sense Question: How did the species survive for thousands of years.


Tcell and the immune system


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Avoiding chemicals in the garden as well as household cleaners. It’s about not putting toxic substances in or on our dogs– this includes flea and tick poisons, routine worming, and over-vaccinating. In fact, Natural Rearing is advantageous for our families health, environmentally-friendly, and also advantageous for wildlife.

It’s about eradicating toxic substances from every area of their life.
Juliette de Bairacli Levy coined the phrase “Natural Rearing”. Around 1930, while studying to be a veterinarian, this intrepid English woman began rearing her Afghan Hounds naturally- feeding raw foods, and treating disease with herbs. For decades her book “The Complete Herbal Handbook For The Dog and Cat” and the formulas therein has been a relied upon reference of owners and breeders around the world.
The very foundation of Natural Rearing is building a strong immune system. A dog is strengthened and is better able to handle all disease. This is accomplished by feeding real food not processed. Raw meaty bones, real meat and organs, fresh air, clean water, minimal stress, appropriate exercise, lots of love; using natural alternatives to chemicals/medication; supporting natural immunity so each dog has the opportunity to live a long full life in turn passing this strength to future generations. Natural Rearing also involves a zero vaccine (accept what’s required by law) protocol relying on the dogs own natural immune responses and healing ability to see it through a disease cycle instead; along with the help of holistic medical help when needed be that herbs, homeopathy, essential oils, or any other holistic modality.
Science is proving that dogs given no vaccines are far stronger and resistant to disease than those who have had annual vaccinations.

Annual Vaccinations: Be Informed

Natural Rearing is a lifestyle. Commitment to do it will change your dog’s life. Our Bichon Frises thrive on Natural Rearing! We do not mean to say that this is the only way of rearing dogs. However, we do feel it is the optimal method of feeding and rearing which raises and maintains the dogs overall good health and vitality. In turn, the dogs’ immune system can function at its optimal level of health. As Natural Health Educators we will assist you in learning how to apply the principles of NR with your own pets!
In the meantime, the number of informational pages that will be sent to you by email are for your use in researching Natural Rearing. It lists many resources and links of information to help you make an informed decision on how you would like to raise your pet.
Choosing a natural rearing breeders at Natural Rearing Association and Natural Rearing asking the right questions.
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“He is your friend, your partner, your defender, your dog. You are his life, his love, his leader.
He will be yours, faithful and true, to the last beat of his heart. You owe it to him to be worthy of such devotion.”

~ Unknown

Precious Gold

To us Natural Rearing is like a high quality gold nugget to which many precisely seek after for its brilliance to shine. The quality of Natural Rearing are a species appropriate raw diet, vaccine-free (accept what’s required by law), no chemicals, on in or around the dog and its environment, and the use of natural veterinary treatment (allopathic methods being reserved for trauma injuries, emergency, and diagnostics).

Natural Rearing is about getting back to basics and the nature of how our canines were created!
Removing any one principle significantly reduces the overall and long-term beneficial effects. Each quality must be present for Natural Rearing to brilliantly shine like a beautiful gold nugget!
A feeling of responsibility as overseers of the spectacular Bichon Frise breed, and dedication to the health and longevity of future generations is our passion at Bichon Lovers. As Natural Rearing breeders you have our word that we keep to every principle of Natural Rearing so that you may enjoy an effervescent vital companion for many years to come!
When we look at what the Drs are saying about human babies in regard to vaccines the same principle applies for animals. Dr. Rachel (from the tv show The Doctors)

Vaccines, Vaccine Injury, & My Perspective as a Doctor & Mom

By Dr. Rachael Ross PHD / July 01, 2016


If you absolutely must use traditional vaccinations, please consider keeping your puppy out of high risk areas and vaccinating only once after 16 weeks of age one and done asDr.Ronald Shultz DVM suggests.
Dr. Ron Schultz is on record with the statement that anytime you inject you could potentially kill the patient and to assume vaccination is safe is a serious misrepresentation of the facts. [14] The AVMA is now on record with this caution not to assume the safety of vaccinations. (Read below how to naturally immunize your dog without a vaccine)
Use thuja to help with vaccinosis side effects before and after vaccinating for Parvo or Distemper.  Use Lyssin to do the same for Rabies.  Then run titers for the rest of the dog’s life.  According to Dr. Peter Dobias, DVM, ANY titer will support an immune response.


Vaccinations and How They Disrupt the Immune System

reprinted from The Whole Dog
written by Patricia Jordan DVM, VND
The problems in babies and in animals of all ages that are receiving a continuous yearly load of pathogen impact via vaccines, is that the Yuan Qi and Jing should not be disturbed at these young stages of development and thereafter so frequently in life. The additional problems of a poor diet , the use of excessive drugs like antibiotics and resultant Qi depletion is an overall lack of capability to maintain dormancy of the pathogens.

Ebook – Vaccinosis, the Mark of the Beast

Evidence Based Veterinary Medicine

For new puppies, if you don’t use traditional vaccinations of any kind, keep your puppy out of high risk areas for parvo and distemper till immunized. You can run a titer to determine immunity.

We run ours with vaccicheck.

If you decide to vaccinate traditionally, you are dealing with the maternal antibodies that gets lower over time.  There is debate about exactly when maternal antibodies fade, but the reason for multiple puppy vaccinations is to try to catch them as their immunity fades from their mother, and boost their titers.  Multiple puppy vaccinations have a bad reputation both in the science and holistic communities for potentially causing some very serious side effects, some of them life-threatening and long-term.   Please read up on this if you are getting a puppy and wondering if you should follow the traditional “every 4 week combo shots”, which are not recommended in holistic circles.

Vaccination or Immunization?
It may come as a surprise to you – and to many vets – that vaccination and immunization are not the same thing.
Your dog or puppy is perfectly capable of creating immunity all by himself – and once he does, the immunity likely lasts for a lifetime.
I hear many pet owners proudly say they vaccinate minimally … which for most puppies, means four or five times for the same vaccine before they’re a year of age.
There’s nothing minimal about this.
And when I share some information on current vaccine research with you, you’ll agree with me.
But first, it’s critical for any dog owner to understand that any vaccine given at any point in a dog’s life has the ability to kill him or cause serious harm. Read more
Prevent Parvo and Distemper Without Vaccination
Imagine avoiding risky vaccinations while getting very strong immune protection against parvo and distemper, the two potentially deadly diseases of puppies. That’s not only possible, but it’s been proven to work in the real world by a holistic vet in New Jersey, USA. Read more
by Will Falconer DVM in Vaccine Articles and News
Did I just hear that right? Yes, Dr Rosemary Manziano learned of the outbreak of canine distemper in raccoons in her area through the CDC. She boldly suggested to her pet owners having  dogs with low antibody or no antibodies against Distemper virus that they visit the beach town known to be  endemic for  Distemper Virus. The Canine Distemper out break caused over 150 raccoons to  die of Distemper virus within a 6 month period . The puppies were given  a 10 minute period of sniffing around the town of Point Pleasant  , the pups were then placed back in the car and brought back home.
This was repeated a week later, and on the third week, the good doctor would test for distemper titers (antibodies ), the evidence of immune response. Lo and behold, these pets had fantastic high antibody titers, indicating strong immunity! And, in case you’re wondering, not one puppy ever got sick in the least.   After eleven years, it stopped working. The disease was no longer present and all the raccoons were naturally immunized.  She assumed that the disease in raccoons had run its course, natural resistance having been gained by their population. What to do now?
Dr Manziano suggested that her new pup owners who wanted natural immunization take short, 10 minute visits to the most popular dog parks close to there home . Those parks with the highest dog traffic were recommended.
The procedure was simple:
  • Open car door
  • Let pup out on the ground in the busiest part of the park
  • Time 10 minutes
  • Load up and go home return 1 week later
Once again, after a couple of exposures like this, titers were drawn and were found high against both distemper and parvo only in those instances where the virus was present. Immunization had taken place. It is important to note puppies should not be going to a large city like Philadelphia or New York City for the day, this would be a sure way of causing over exposure giving the virus a chance to cause illness. The protocol must be followed :10 minutes once a week for 2 exposures and then stay as long as you like . How many got symptoms of either disease? None. Not one pup ever fell ill in years of doing this.
In case you’re wondering, “How long will this immunity last?” the answer is simple: a lifetime! Remember the understanding of the veterinary immunologists from way back in 1992:  Read more


Nosodes: Can They Replace Vaccines?

Nosodes have been used in homeopathic medicine since the mid 1800s. Nosodes are relatively unknown in veterinary practice and somewhat controversial in holistic veterinary practice. Read more
We support immune systems using species-specific raw diet, proper supplementation, and natural products.

Dr. Kim

Is the owner of Aspenbloom Pet Care…she is an Animal Naturopath (Natural Animal Health Coach) focusing on canine wellness with an emphasis on aromatherapy. Dr. Kim loves Jesus, her husband, her dogs, her family & friends.
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