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Scratches are my favourite!

Rio loves getting scratches anytime and anywhere.  He moves around to get different parts of his body scratched.


Hello.  Lily is a beautiful, loving and very smart baby. She runs like the devil and no dog exposed to her has ever beat heat. She runs around in figure eights around our two trees. Every body loves her!


Someone wants to play!

Miss Lacy

This is our sweet, energetic, adorable Miss Lacy. She was born December 12th, 2015.


Casper my beautiful baby.

a first puppy cut

Emma went for her first puppy cut today. She came back looking like a cloud.


Just a note to tell you how well we are doing, Bisou has been completely house trained for more than a month now, has learned a few tricks, we enjoy her so much. She does have a bad habit of jumping up on people which I am working to correct,loves the outdoors and plays [...]

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Another Emma

This is yet another picture of EmmaNo other reason than she is cute.

Emma & Co.

Emma & Co.This is Emma with her two new sisters; Lucy and Maggie. Just over 3 months old and so healthy. she loves to flip things over, whether its her toy basket or the water bowl, life is seldom boring with a puppy.