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What does this mean?

  1. We won’t be having as many litters a year as in previous years.
  2. This means if you want a Naturally Reared pup from Bichon Lovers moms, get on the waiting list it’s first come first serve!
  3. We will do our very best to get you a new family member as soon as possible!

You could be the next family, eagerly awaiting a puppy,

To find out more information email Fern at


or fill out our adoption application or information form.

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Watch this space for our 2020-2021 puppies for NEW PUPPIES AVAILABLE

All seven pups have been adopted May 2020 ❤️ Visit their puppy album at

born March 24th 2020 (5 boys & 2 girls) all adopted

Sarah                            Girl # 1 (Simcoe)
Paul                              Girl #2 (Toronto)
Tony & Shawna         Boy #1 (Vaughan)
Sue & John                 Boy # 2 (Kitchener)
Echo                            Boy # 3 (Maple)
Tisha                           Boy # 4 (Amaranth )
Allison                        Boy #5 (Mono)

UPDATE October 19th 2020. Thank you for your interest in our Bichons. 

Our reservation list is very full and we are not able to take any more names at this time. Please contact us in November 2021 if you are still looking for a puppy. 

Thank you for your understanding and patience.

God Bless

Ready for adoption at 8 weeks old
$500 non – refundable deposit required to be on Bichon Lovers puppy waiting list.

Summer 2019 …
Girl #1 Megan (Cheektowaga, Ny) adopted
Girl #2 Carolynn (London) adopted
Girl #3 Liliana & Joseph (Maple) adopted
Girl #4 Onna (Burlington) adopted
Boy #1 Sharlene & Eugene (Wyandotte MI) adopted
Boy #2 Carol (Hamilton) adopted

NEW LITTER BORN JULY 13/19 (all adopted)
Girl # 1 Karla (Fairview PA US
Girl # 2 Christy (Tonawanda NY)
Girl # 3 Christy (Tonawanda NY)
Boy #1 Lynda (Dundas)
Boy #2 Emily (Brampton)

New litter of pups born July 21/19 (all adopted)
Boy #1 Debora (Prince George, BC)
Boy #2 Jesse (Hanover)
Girl #1 Janet (London)
Girl #2 Jenanne &Paul (Kitchener)
Girl #3 Lorraine and Alex (Oakville)
Girl #4 Leah (Hamilton)

Babies born September 16th/19 (all adopted)
Boy #1 Cherie and Charles (Cheektowaga NY)
Boy#2 Guylaine (Simcoe)
Boy#3 Kristen and Ryan (Toronto)
Boy# 4 Martin and Valerie (Saratoga Springs NY )
Girl #1 Diana (Ancaster)
Girl #2 Bradley (Toronto)
Girl #3 Yasmeen (Mississauga)

Babies born September 19/19 (all adopted)
Boy #1 Crystal (Hilton Ny)
Boy #2 Ali (Thornhill)
Boy #3 Hanan (Burlington)
Girl # 1 Julie (Barrie)



Ready for adoption at 8 weeks old
$500 non – refundable deposit required to be on Bichon Lovers puppy waiting list.
Deposit can be held up to two calendar years or till we are no longer able to breed.

Born 2018

Cuddles pups (ALL ADOPTED)
Girl #1 Georgia (St. Thomas) (adopted)

Girl #2 Per (Scarborough) (adopted)

Girl #3 Amy (Caledon) (adopted)

Boy #1 Susan & Ian (Mississauga) (adopted)

Boy #2 Angela (Laval Quebec) (adopted)
Boy #3 Zuzana (Toronto) (adopted)


Simona pups (ALL ADOPTED)
Girl #1 Pavanne (Cobourg)(adopted)
Girl #2 Natalka (Whitby) (adopted)

Boy #1 Joan (Toronto) (adopted)

Boy #2 Cindy (London)(adopted)

Petunia & Barkley (ALL ADOPTED)
Girl #1 Ewa (Delhi)
Boy#1 Linda (Simcoe)
Boy #2 Alissa (Vaughan)
Boy #3 Asselin (RICHMOND HILL)
View puppy pictures at

Phoenix & Romeo babies (ALL ADOPTED)
Boy #1 Paul ( Mississauga)
Boy #2 Peter,Stephanie & Ethan (Belleville)
Boy #3 Sarah (Kitchener)
Boy #4 Christine (Toronto)
Girl #1 Juliet and Alan (Wasaga Beach)
Girl #2 Bob (Williamsville USA)
Picture album of Phenix all dressed up for Canada Day!

Pictures of Nevada”s babies (ALL ADOPTED)

Nevada & Romeo babies (ALL ADOPTED)
Boy #1 Peggy and Jim (Sarnia)
Boy #2 Sid (Oakville)
Girl #1 Jennifer and Craig (Markham)
Girl #2 Megan (USA)

Pictures of Ashcrofts & Romeo babies (ALL ADOPTED)
Girl #1 Lynne (Hamilton)
Boy #1 Paul (Toronto)
Boy #2 Shivam (Stouffville)

Pictures of Seventh Heavens babies (ALL ADOPTED)
Seventh Heavens & Romeo babies, 4 girls 3 boys
Boy #1 Yvonne (Dundas)
Boy #2 Jennifer (Burlington)
Boy #3 Jesse (Hanover)
Girl #1 Kim (Milton)
Girl # 2 Dolores (Simcoe)
Girl #3 Laura (Etobicoke)
Girl #4 Tony (Vaughan)

Trillium & Romeo babies  (ALL ADOPTED)
Girl #1 Tracy (Elora) (Trillium will be going to live in her forever home her girl and Tracy!)
Boy #1 Noella (Barrie) second boy adopted (first one was from Autumns babies )
Girl #2 Charles (Niagara on the lake)
Girl # 3 Bernard and Olga (Nova Scotia)
Boy # 2 Penny (Burlington)

Autumn & Romeo baby’s born pups (ALL ADOPTED)
Puppies ready for pick up at 8 weeks old
Girl #1 (Simcoe)
Girl # 2 Lillian)
Boy # 1 Craig Michie and Marianne (Burlington)
Boy # 2 Teresa and Renu (Milton)
Boy # 3 Noella (Barrie)

Simona & Barkley babies
ready for pick up January 6th & 7th/18 (ALL ADOPTED)
Girl #1 Fern and David
Girl #2 Fern and David
Girl #3 Mohamed and Engy
Boy #1 Patricia & Frank (Woodbridge)
Boy #2 Anita and John (Barrie)
Boy #3 Susan and Jeff (Gravenhurst)


Bichon Lovers is a Bichon Breeder that believes in a holistic approach to raising the finest, healthiest and most beautiful puppies possible. Our purebred puppies are raised in-home conditions and are weaned on a diet to give them the best start in life and ensure the longest life. “What is Natural Rearing?”

Acknowledged for being responsible, trustworthy and highly regarded for the health, temperament, beauty and size of their adults and their babies.”

We provide a very personal service, offer years of knowledge and on going puppy guidance at no extra charge.

Our puppies are raised in a relaxed healthy smoke free home with an all natural nutritional program and lots of tender loving care. All Pups get a veterinarian wellness exam, Health certificate, a written guarantee and CKC reg. We have Canadian and International Championship bloodlines.

Fern and David of Bichon Lovers are truly amazing people and breed amazing dogs. Their puppy rearing gives their dogs such an excellent healthy foundation from which to grow in to strong and healthy dogs. I would whole-heartedly recommend them to anyone who is looking for a Bichon. Jennifer Wittig

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