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Hi Fern!
I can’t believe that it has been three months since we brought our sweet Jack home! I wanted to give you an update on our boy.
Jack is a sweet, calm and very affectionate. To say that he is the perfect dog for us would be an understatement. He is very smart. He knows when it is time for our daughter Avery to come off the school bus, he senses when any of us are unwell or sad and sticks to us to comfort us, and he learned our daily routines very quickly. Our vet and groomer can not believe how good he has been for them right from the beginning. I would recommend anyone who is looking for a family dog to come to you!
He loves to play with the children in our neighbourhood and has made friends with many of the dogs in our neighbourhood too. Everyone calls him “Happy Jack”. My husband Ken travels a lot and Jack knows when he is away and becomes more protective of Avery Jane and I, alerting us to any unusual activity or noise outside with a commanding bark. He enjoys being outside and loves to run around our backyard chasing balls. He is full of personality and we can not imagine life without him. Here are some pictures. You can see by the way he sleeps that he is pretty comfortable with us. He is a bit of a suck really and loves to be held like a baby.Ha!
Kerrin, Ken and Avery Jane
p.s. We love how his tongue is always sticking out just a bit. So cute. Oh and he loves the stuffed bunny you sent home with us. He sleeps with it, plays with it constantly and just generally loves the heck out of it.

Hi Fern and David
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

It has been so busy that I did not have a chance to keep you up to date about Teddy
The vet checked the pup and his comment was “the breeder should be very proud of what they have done” and I agreed.

I can not even begin to describe to you how much joy we are getting out of him.
Teddy is now almost twice his original size.
He knows when it is time to go to his cage every nite at 9:30pm without fail. We let him out 7:00 am every morning without any incidence.
He sleeps through the nite without any problem. He eats well, plays well and sleeps well.
He bonded with my daughter since the moment we stepped into our house, it is simply incredible. Despite the fact that I look after him most time, he runs to my daughter every time he hears her footsteps. Then on the other hand, I also think he is bias. He would prefer to go to the ladies instead of to me even when I have some treat in my hand.

You were so right when you told me they are very intelligent. I am very sure that we will enjoy his company for many years to come

Once again, thank you very much.



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I got my boy Timmie from Bichon Lovers; he is now 18 months old and the love of my life. He has no health issues, my vet said he is a very healthy boy, no patellofemoral syndrome in his knees, no allergies, no tear staining in his eyes and very healthy coat and skin.He too is very very social – loves children, very gentle with everyone, not aggressive at all, well socialized with other animals. He came to us happy and healthy and continues to be so.
I highly recommend this breeder for anyone looking for a well bred and loved Bichon Frise before they head off to their forever home with you.
My puppy “Freddie” is now almost 1 year old.
He is just the sweetest most adorable little dog I have ever met. Fern and David do a wonderful job of raising their pups, Freddie has been easy to train, and even better once he was neutered. I do recommend having a dog crate for your puppy, they need their own safe place. The adoption process was very smooth. You can see the puppies are given lots of love and are used to being handled by humans, which is extremely important when they need to be groomed. The groomer I take Freddie to just adores him as he is so well behaved. He has lots of energy and loves to run around the garden, loves his toys and loves to play. He always settles down well at night. Even my parents (who are in their 80’s) who have never owned a dog adore him he has such a sweet temperament. You can certainly tell he has been very well bred. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Fern & David and would definitely purchase from them again. In fact I would love to have a second pup but am trying to hold off for a couple of years! Enjoy your new puppy. He makes us laugh every day, what more could you ask. Take care, Linda

 (update when Leo retired he went to live with his grandson Freddie 2011)

When I visited the Kennels, I would have to say the dogs’ living arrangements would be envied by any family of humans. Donna Feb 21/06London,

Sorry I have not gotten back to you, but the girls really have kept me busy. They are great. I am copying myself on this so I can send you some of the pictures from my personal email. They have had their second visit to the vet, and are very healthy, and happy. Jessie keeps Maggie in line. Whenever I scold Maggie for something Jess watches very carefully, and when I am finished Jess goes over to Mag and makes her lie down while she bites her ear and barks at her. Maggie gets such a sad look on her face. They tell on each other. One day Jess had my knitting out, and Maggie came into the kitchen to tell me, when I followed her I saw Jess with my wool. Jess just ran for Maggie and jumped on her. She was so mad at her for telling me. It is so beautiful to watch. They are growing, and not to fast thankfully. Jessie is 6.9 lbs. She was weighed on Monday, and Maggie was weighed as well and she is 7.7 lbs. Maggie looks so much bigger than Jessie. They both have their eyes done and their hair combed every day which they don’t mind too much since it always means a treat after. They are beautiful girls and I Thank you so very much for them. They sleep in a kennel every night. Roger made them one big enough for two, so they are always together. They go out visiting, of course everyone wants them. They are especially good when we go visiting or when someone comes here. They are very quiet and polite. Not aggressive just very friendly. I will send you some pictures later tonight. They are beautiful I have some of them in the snow which they love. Right now they are asleep in a chair in the office here with me. They are rarely alone.
Kim Feb 15/07 Scarborough, On
Nate is adjusting well to his new home and such a happy guy He is so much fun and already well behaved and training well Thanks to our great breeder who gave him such a wonderful beginning to his life, Dr. Barb & Geoff -Toronto, On March 05
This is Nate today July 2013
Fern Coco is the wonder puppy. She is so good-natured, loves to be with anyone including hordes of neighbor kids who include her in their ball games on the grassy hill. She gives us so much love. Thank you so much. So many wonders, wrapped up in a puppy. We love you Fern! Cheers, Sue September 11/06


Hi Fern Little Charlotte is doing so well!!! Thanks Fern for making such great puppies. Love Cathy


Hi Fern and David Thank you, thank you, thank you. We are thrilled with our new addition to the family. We went to the vet this afternoon; they were very impressed with her health, weight and coat. We are loving every minute of having her and I promise we will take wonderful care of her. Thanks once again Regards Mandy September 11/06


We’re having lots of fun and the kids and really enjoying her. She’s a really pretty pup…much nicer looking than any bichon’s I’ve seen around here to date. If you have time on your next visit to Waterloo, we love to have you come and see her. By for now, Helen and I took him to the vet on Monday he is in perfect health he is so well trained that I cannot believe it!!! Thanks for everything Fern and David. You both did an excellent job raising our boy. He is just perfect. Love and kisses to all of you. I will keep in touch. Donna July 12th/06


Thanks for all your help, you’re the best source of information and training and I’ll keep in touch with my questions and hi-lites. Take care. Nancy B. July /06


She is a perfect puppy with such a nice temperament…and so smart! We all are really enjoying her and she has brought a lot of excitement and joy into our house. Once again you are the best and we so appreciate you. Sara


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