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DADDY’S DARLINGS Nothing new here!! He ADORES his Girls. She is 7.5 mos old & is as big as Dixie, heavier, more solid than Dix & is still growing!!!!! Luv them to crazy❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ and they are growing so fast!! Super playful, energetic but super smart too! Will send 2 more pics to give you Ken’s feelings on the matter!! Lottsa Luv ❤️

May 28, 2016


Bella Kissing Ciara

Dixie and the sister chicks

Ciara looking at camera


May 17/16
I’m Wallie and it my birthday today. I’m 1 years old and my mommy Lorna said I’m a good boy! I’m hoping my mommy and daddy will take me to visit Bichon Lovers this summer So I can play with the gang

April 4/16
Kayle has energy to burn! Loves to play and we are still feeding her raw with all the supplements you recommended! Tfactor and coconut oil! She loves the cottage and runs her heart out! Has a wonderful temperament and is very loving! We are convinced she understands everything we say! She seems very bright and is very expressive ! She is turning into a lovely little dog! I would say she weighs about 12 pounds and enjoys her raw food very much! She is quite the entertainer and is quite obedient with no training! She sticks to us and always needs to know we are close! Thank you for all your advice and of course giving her up to us Carole — thinking about Very happy puppy owners of Great Bichons at Bichon Lovers References from their very happy puppy owners. Carole

April 12/16
Mommy Niki and daddy Gus and Neo

March 26/16
Hello hope you and the gang are doing well Fern 🙂 Benni wanted to wish you a happy Easter 🙂 hope you are having a nice day

Starlet from California 12 years old
February 24/16

Excellent breeders. Our Koby is now 8 years old and has no health issues.Diane

Excellent breeder! I adopted my Timmie who is now three. Just make an appointment to visit Fern and her dogs and you will be very impressed with her nursery and how well she takes care of her dogs. You can’t go wrong adopting from Fern and David – they truly love their dogs and puppies! April , 2015 at 2:20pm

The boys just went over and laid beside her I ran to get my phone to take the pictures The first picture is Luca and Sofia, the second picture is Marco and Sofia Nicole

May 29/16
Marco and Sofia

Adopting Sofia May 8th 2016 going to live with Luca and Marco
1.Juliette (Marco’s mom) & 2.Marco, 3.Luca & 4.Nevada (Luca’s mom) 5. Sofia & 6.Phoenix (Sofia’s mom)

February 23/16

I want you to know my little girl Iris who we bought from you in 2004 is a REAL HERO! Not sure if you heard on the news about a man and his mother who died Dec. 24/13 from carbon monoxide poisoning. Well that was my husband and mother-in-law caused by a generator. Iris woke me just before it was too late and saved my son and myself. My little angel saved my son and myself giving us a second chance at life. Fern, you brought into this world a hero! Please say some prayers for us we could use them. Trish

Iris their super hero

Beautiful Angel

Gatineau QC
June 9th/16 This is Celeste chilling out in her new home. She is a very curious and adventurous pup who has been exploring every day, getting familiar with her new environment. She met our grand children yesterday and ran in the back yard for 30 minutes. Did not know such a young puppy could run so fast for so long! She loves the kids! Denise

Iris has her heroic story she saved her mommy and brother from carbon dioxide poisoning.
 She’s a ….
Ice storm carbon monoxide deaths shock neighbours in Newcastle.

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