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Families that adopt our Bichon puppies, arrive from cities in Canada and the US.
The following cities are just a few places families arrive from to visit us here in Ontario Canada.

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Hamilton, Mississauga, Brampton, Kitchener, Brantford,

Guelph, Waterloo, Oakville, Pickering, Ajax, King City

Oshawa, Burlington,Woodstock, St. Catherines, St Mary’s

Niagara Falls, St.Catherine’s, Grimsby, Beamsville,Welland, 

Tillsonburg, St. Thomas, Welland, Maple, Peterborough

Markham, Richmond Hill, Vaughan, GTA. Mount Pearl,

North Bay, New Foundland, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Saskatoon, Calgary, Edmonton, Quebec, Montreal, Windsor,Vancouver, North Bay, Georgetown, Port Colborne 


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The Power of a Healthy Immune System in Animals

17 Reason The Bichon Frise Is The Best Dog Breed

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We take a Holistic approach to our Breeding program choosing food for nutritional value and not price.
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The Power of a Healthy Immune System in Animals 
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Raised in a relaxed healthy smoke free home with an all natural nutritional program and lots of tender loving care. Visitors welcome.

References from happy puppy owners available. Pick a Puppy or when available one of our retired Bichon girls!
Bichons have an independent spirit, are intelligent, affectionate, bold, lively charming, gentle fluff.
They have a self-assured, happy temperament that is easy to live with.
These bright little Bichons are easy to train and love everyone. They need people to be happy. They are naturally sociable and are happiest when they are part of a family that takes them everywhere. This sociable trait also means that they are fine in the company of other pets and are excellent with children.They will alert you to intruders They will alert you to intruders. . Bichons love to perform tricks because they love to entertain you. Bichons are obedient when loved. View… Animal planet shows a Bichons personality.

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We received these beautiful unexpected amazing flowers from BoniLyn, Ken & Dixie from
 Calgary Alberta in honour of their twin girls from Simona.
They will be picking up the girls in November 2015!
BoniLyn, Ken & Dixie are so excited to say the least !
BoniLyn, Ken and Dix and the twins first up date on their trip home to Calgary:
On our way to Sault St Marie; having such a fantastic time playing & kissing & kissing & snuggling‼‼‼
Twins R great eaters; poop is firm; Dix is getting to know them, tries to play a bit & has become surprisingly protective of them!!!!!
Couldn’t be happier folks….they are PERFECT individually & together‼We R one super happy Family!!! Cell cvj varies & I apologize for not calling yesterday…accommodation issues regarding cleanliness has kept us busy
I’m sleeping with the Twins on the floor….they perfectly sleep thru the night.More soon….gotta watch our Babes!!!
Luv & THANKS‼‼
Thank you so much Corinne (front row the right) for this
labour of love. You are so talented… Beautiful angel squares
joined into a huge blanket. we will treasure this blanket forever keeping us toasty warm — at Bichon Lovers angels where dreams really do come true.

Picked up Lucas Sept 20th/15 Then came back for Marco Nov 10/15

Thank you so much Corinne (front row the right) for this labour of love. You are so talented… Beautiful angel squares joined into a huge blanket. we will treasure this blanket forever keeping us toasty warm — at Bichon Lovers angels where dreams really do come true.

Lucas & Marco

Lucas adopted Sept 20/15
Marco adopted Nov 10/15

Lucas mom and dad is Navada and Romeo
Marcos mom and dad is Romeo and Juliet

Nicole came back to adopt their third pup Sofia

The whole gang May 2016
Luca, Marco and Sofia and their moms Phenix, Samantha,and Juliet and their Aunties and Human Mom Nicole and human dad Steven.

When Sofia the Angel was picked up to go live with her brothers Marco and Luca, mommy Fern received this beautiful porcelain Angel!
Thank you so much.

Luca,Marco and Sofia June 22 2016
Year of 2015

2015 Two boys (adopted) two girls (all adopted)
one girl available (adopted) 

waiting list has been started for
April two girls (adopted)

2 boys available (adopted)
ready for adoption April 7th/15

I am ready for adoption April 7th 2015
We have all found our forever homes.

waiting list has grown to 12  puppies for …
Romeo and Juliete’s babies (all adopted)
Simona and Barkley’s babies (all adopted)

Stay tuned …. baby’s will be born in a few days…

News update…

Juliet’s 5 babies (all adopted)
Simona’s 6 babies
(4 girls adopted 2 boys (all adopted)
Reserve your puppy today for
August or September 2015
a few may be available (all adopted)
Nevada’s baby boys went to their new homes
Waiting list has been started for pups available for adoption for November 2015
(All adopted)

Santana’s (all 5 babies adopted)

Nevada’s babies (all adopted)
Heidi, Lionel boy 1 (Richmond 0n)
Homa boy 2 (Maple)
Stevan boy 3 (Windsor)
Katherine boy 4 (Toronto)
Juliet’s babies ( all adopted)
Ashlen Boy 1
Steven Boy 2 (Windsor)
Jennifer boy 2 and 3 (Woodstock On)
Andrea girl 1(King City)
Simonas babies (all adopted)
Girl 1 Bichon Lovers
Girl 2 BoniLyn (Calgary Alberta)
Girl 3 Pat/Lilian (Quebec)
Girl 4 BoniLyn (Calgary Alberta)
Boy 1 Cinthia (Southhampton)
Boy 2  Gus (Missasauga)
More babies are planned for
January or February 2016 (all adopted)
Planning for next pups fill in adoption application form
Waiting list has been started for Phenix (all adopted) 
For a free information puppy pack

Pick up dates Feburary 2016 (all adopted)

Boy 1 Helen C            February 6 @ 1pm (Toronto)

Girl 1 Emily                February  6 @ 2pm  (Markham On)

Girl 2 Ama                  February. 6 @ 4pm  (Toronto On)

Girl 3 Maureen            February. 8 @ 3pm (Manitouwadge On)

Girl 4 Jeff                    February  9 @ 3pm (Richmond Hill)


The letter below we received from
BoniLyn, Ken & Dixie.
I read it to Simona and her babies.
Thank you so much BoniLyn, Ken & Dixie for the lovely flowers
they smell and look so pretty.
I admire them everyday.
They make me smile! Hugs and kisses

Dearest Fern, David:

Julliette, Simona, Barkley, Romeo and Bichon Baby Angels (Portia, Santana, and anyone that I forgot!!)

What a wonderful experience you gave us tonight, visiting the Nurseries and seeing the Mums, & all of the beautiful little bichon Angels by FaceTime!

This is the first time that we have had the privilege of seeing newborn bichons in a Nursery, with their Mothers!

It was so endearing to see how protective Simona is, of her babies. What a devoted and watchful little Mother!!
You’re doing the right thing by keeping one of her babies, for her this time around.
And Julliette stole our hearts by “popping up” from her nursery to say hello, greet us & get in on the FaceTime Visit experience!!
The babies are incredible to see!  So tiny & white!!

It was amazing to see the entire Nursery, the thought and care that not only went into the design of your Facility,
but how immaculately clean everything is; how well cared for the Mums and Babies are; the provisions on hand in the fridges…WOW what an amazing operation‼️

As you know, we have been Bichon Pet Parents, exclusively, for the past 16 years.

The Twins that we are adopting from you are our 4th and 5th bichon babies, over the years.

Each of our girl’s came from different Breeders, from different cities all across Canada (we live in Alberta).

Of all of our Adoption experiences, ours with you and David has been leaps & bounds above the rest.

How incredibly refreshing it is to have a Breeder that is as informed, engaged and as communicative as you have been with us right from day one‼️

My husband and I can’t thank you enough for the non-stop attention and effort that you put into your Kennels, and in communicating non-stop with us, on top of everything that you need to do for your bichon family!  Let me tell you that You are the exception to the majority.

We are sooo grateful that we found you, and your first rate Bichon Nursery.  After 16 years of adoptions this is the first time that we have been welcomed so warmly, kept informed so dedicatedly.

Ken and I are thoroughly impressed with the Facility, Breeding Program, YOU!
Surprisingly, after all of these years, we have learned a lot about health, nutrition and continuing care for our Twins.

After all of the “neutral” adoption experiences that we have had in the past, you, the bichons and the facility that you have customized for your Breeding Program far exceeded our expectation.

Thank you for being the ethical, conscientious Breeder that you are!!

We can’t wait to meet you, the Mums, Dads and of course our beautiful Twins in person very soon!!!

First Rate Facility, First Rate Breeder!!


Warmest Regards,
Ken, Boni & Big Sister Dixie

August 26 2010
For the past nine years, Fern Flett and her husband David
have been breeding bichon frises at their home near Langton, Ont.
The breed can weigh between eight and 18 pounds, says Flett, who’s clearly partial.
“They are entertainers. They love to please. And they are easy to train,” she says.
“We bring them up like little children.”
She says men come in frequently, insisting the puppies are for their wives.
“They make it clear it’s not for them. They say, ‘small dogs are not for me.’ ”
“My husband and I just chuckle to ourselves,” says Flett. They know that within days the dog will be his.
“It’s so interesting to see the transformation,” she says, as the little bichon puppy wins the burly man’s heart.
“I think men are softies,” says Flett.
“The dog helps them get in touch with their feminine side.”