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“Let food be your medicine and medicine be your Food.”
– Hippocrates 400 BC


How to Share With Just Friends

How to share with just friends.

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Bladder and Prostate Cancer: Neutering Male Dogs Increases Risk
Oh man. This is going to make a lot of people in my field angry.  Apologies to classmates and veterinarian friends!

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Dog and Cat Vaccines are Not Harmless Preventive Medicine
Are you vaccinating your dog too much?
Pumpkin Seeds: A Natural Solution For Worms
Microchips: Are Pet Owners Being Misled?
Garlic for Dogs – Health Benefits, Preparation, Use, Safe Dosage
Quote: Dr.Patricia Jordan DVM
“Same for veterinary medical doctors NADA, NOT A THING. So now we can all understand why they get paid the BIG BUCKS to pander the vaccines for the drug companies…….they know not what they do!”
Ideas Are Infectious: Come and Get Naturally Immunized!
Read this article only if you are open minded and ready to think for yourself, instead of allowing those who profit from vaccination to continue to influence you.
Natural Immunity is a reality and is gaining more support with every passing day:  Read more
You know vaccinations are grossly over-provided in our broken system of veterinary medicine. The pushing of vaccinations by Dr. White Coat throughout your animal’s life doesn’t add to her immunity. Not even a little. That’s what we know from veterinary immunologists whose life’s work is measuring and quantifying the immune response. And you know that vaccines are harmful. Chronic disease often follows vaccination, even a single vaccination. Read more
Aluminum-containing adjuvants are used in certain vaccines to promote an immune response.  Veterinary vaccines that contain aluminum include rabies, leptospirosis and Lyme.  The World Health Organization named aluminum hydroxide, a component of most of the currently used veterinary vaccines, a grade 3 out of 4 carcinogen, with 4 being the most carcinogenic.
In humans, the vaccines that contain aluminum adjuvants are: DTP (diphtheria-tetanus-pertussis vaccine), DTaP (diphtheria-tetanus-acellular pertussis vaccine), some but not all Hib (Haemophilus influenzae type b) conjugate vaccines, Pneumococcal conjugate vaccine, Hepatitis B vaccines, all combination DTaP, Tdap, Hib, or Hepatitis B vaccines, Hepatitis A vaccines, Human Papillomavirus vaccine, Anthrax vaccine and Rabies vaccine.
Natural Flea Control: How to Get Rid of Fleas Naturally
Nematodes are natural flea killers. Add them to your yard, and fleas are a thing of the past.
Older Dogs and the Onset of Cataracts
Wendell O. Belfield, DVM, a pioneer of nutritional therapy for pets, cites human studies that show vitamin C improves the vision of elderly patients suffering from cataracts. He describes one veterinarian who successfully treated hundreds of dogs with cataracts and related eye conditions using injected and oral vitamin E and selenium.
In addition, the famous vitamin E researcher Dr. Wilfrid Shute told Dr. Belfield how he treated a champion Doberman Pinscher that stopped siring and went blind with cataracts at age seven. After a few weeks of taking 300 International Units (IUs) of vitamin E daily, the dog sired several litters of puppies and, within three months, his cataracts cleared up.

Quote: No to microchips, no to vaccines, no to ear crops and declaws, no to early spay and neuters, no to commercially processed pet foods, no to drugs to treat vaccine induced diseases, no to toxic chemicals for pest and parasite control….find a naturopathic vet and say yes to natural rearing! Dr.Patricia Jordan DVM

Pet Identification: Microchip vs. Tattoo

Health Concerns Related to Microchips
The primary concern any time something foreign is introduced into the body — whether it’s a microchip or, say, a metal plate to repair a fractured bone, or a transplanted organ – is the potential for the body to reject the foreign material.
There have been documented cases in veterinary medicine of sarcomas or fibrosarcomas (soft tissue tumors) developing at microchip injection sites. Research shows that between 1996 and 2006, between 0.8 and 10.2 percent of laboratory animals developed malignant tumors around or near implanted microchips. There are also two documented cases of chip-related malignancies in dogs.
My recommendation, if you’re considering chipping your pet, is to assess how much risk there is that she will ever get out of your sight. If you have an indoor-only cat, for example, or a well-trained (responsive) dog that is always on a leash outdoors, I believe the potential risks of microchipping outweigh the benefits.
Dr Karen Becker DVM

Why Flea and Tick Products Are a Bad Idea and 4 Natural Repellent Recipes

Bravecto, Nexgard And Simparica:

Three Reasons To Reconsider Spay/Neuter
Spay/Neuter and Joint Disease
Spay/Neuter and Cancer
Spay/Neuter and Behaviour
Bichon Lovers … no chemicals to de-worm we use:
Natural Alternative to Chemical Wormers
Other benefits include:
replenishing cells with depleted silica (essential for bones, tendons, skin, cartilage and blood vessels)
regulating bowel movements
cleansing the colon
improving urinary health (diuretic and cures infections of the urinary tract)
improving joint mobility
reducing arthritis pain
improving the respiratory tract
strengthening teeth, gums, hair and nails
reducing blood pressure and cholesterol levels
increasing energy levels
helps keep the immune system stronger and healthier
5 Amazing Ways Diatomaceous Earth Can HelpYour Dog
Also …
Pumpkin Seeds: A Natural Solution For Worms
Feeding Directions
Pumpkin seeds can be fed whole as a treat for your dog. Don’t feed him the salted seeds from the grocery store; find some raw green, organic seeds instead. If your dog doesn’t enjoy them as a treat, you can grind them in a coffee grinder or Magic Bullet and add them to his meals. Give him a teaspoon per ten pounds of body weight once or twice a day until he’s rid of the parasites.

Lipomas And Other Canine Lumps And Bumps

I recommend a natural diet, filtered water, no drugs, chemicals, herbicides, pesticides or vaccines on or around my patients. Treatment choices include classical homeopathy, gemmotherapy, aromatherapy, bovine colostrum, fatty acid supplementation and glandular therapy.


The three-year-old Border Collie chewed on some plants as the family took a walk through the Horsetooth Reservoir. Shortly after the walk, the dog didn’t look well. He was taken to the vet.
According to the vet, the plant the dog was chewing on was deadly water hemlock. In July, the plant thrives in wetlands, marshes and river banks across America, blooming with tinyclusters of white flowers. A few bites of the plant can kill a large dog in less than two hours.
If your dog does eat hemlock, it’s necessary to induce vomiting and get him to the vet immediately.

Holistic Animal Health

Holistic Pet Health

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