Happy Birthday to all our past puppies from Bichon Lovers
When your pup has a Birthday contact me by
Send me your pups Birthday story and pictures of him/her and
we will all celebrate together.


Hi Fern:
Timmie’s third birthday! Born December 6 /2012
He was so good, he patiently waited while I was taking the pictures and knew enough to stay away from the flames on the candles but then was happy when I took them out so he could eat! He is such a joy to have around. We love him to pieces and he does believe he is a human and expects to be treated as such! Life would not be the same for us without Timmie being a part of it!
Timmie December 6th 2014




Emma’s first birthday June 2015

Birthday boy 6 years old July 2015

When I was just a baby

I’m Bea-Gee and I’m turning 6 today. Thank you mommy Grace for loving and taking great care of me all these years. Mommy would you take me to visit the place I was born pleeeeease at Bichon Lovers ❤

HAPPY 8th BIRTHDAY TO ME SWEET LITTLE Jessie Beth Love. You and Maggie have been precious gifts. I was so lucky when I adopted you both from Bichon Lovers angels where dreams really do come true.

Kim F

9mts. old Taken January 2007 Jessie and Maggie

Jessie on her 8th birthday Oct 2014

Nate is 10 years old and looking great! March 19th 2015

Louis at his finest hour Feb 10/16 Happy First  Birthday

I’m Wallie and it is my birthday today. I’m 1 years old and my mommy Lorna said I’m a good boy! I’m hoping my mommy and daddy will take me to visit Bichon Lovers this summer. So I can play with the gang.


Happy Birthday Emma! You are 2 already? Sweet lay back girl you are 🙂 — with Terry  June 2016




Luca Birthday boy 1 year old July 25/16

Marco turns 1 years old today September 16/16

I’m Benni and I had my 1st. Birthday party September 16th 2016. I even had a few friends over that had a great time too!

My girl friend loves me

Happy Birthday … Bella & Ciara, one year old today September 21/16 and Dixie Daughters of Simona & Barkley. Born today…Adopted lovingly on November 15, 2015.

grooming isnt until next Tuesday so they are 10 weeks scruffy!! Ciara on left…Bella larger twin on right.

Hello to all our siblings & cousins ❤❤ and of course to Auntie Fern & Uncle David!! B

The girls all get along well…Dix is shy & easy to snuggle up to…just dont steal her chewy, alol! Twins still & always will be inseparable❤❤. Also got the most darling Summer Body Harness Dresses they will be the talk of the Resort when we return to Glennifer Lk to introduce them next Spring/Summer!! We’ve had a wonderful Spring &Summer on the new deck!! Thinking of Halloween & Santa now. Twins need gd Winter Sweaters & Jackets. Wonder what theyll think of all the xmas lites this yr?! They were only 3.5 mos old for Xmas last yr so not sure how much they will remember?! They sure caught on to the whole STOCKINGS ON FIREPLACE MANTLE in an instant, so its gonna be interesting for sure Keep well, dont run yrself ragged & i will continue to send Seasonal Pics to you!

They’re healthy, smart, really alert & playful…our family is all the happier having them as part of it❤