I have a wonderful story to tell about two amazing families that arrived at our home to visit our puppies, it was nothing short of an intervention from God. Anna and Gabriel arrived on Saturday July 20th at 2pm We were having a wonderful visit and they made the decision to leave a deposit for the adoption of a boy and girl from the next  litter expected in December 2013.

While Anna and Gabriel were here something wonderful happened. The door bell rang and another family that had an appointment for 4 pm arrived. 

Nik & Eda arrived to visit and to leave their deposit to adopt a girl from the litter expected in December 2013. It turned out they were friends that had lost contact and hadn’t  seen each other for a long time. Neither one knew each other was going to be here.

The reason for being at my home was Eda and Nik had the sad passing of their Beautiful Bichon “Byblos” at 12 1/2 years old passed  away Aug 13 2012 Anna and Gabriel had the sad passing of their Handsome Bichon “Cobie” passed away July 13 2013.

They all travelled a few hours to adopt a puppy and to their surprise reunited with friends. They were so excited to see one another. They hugged and were in shock  and wondered how could this have happened. What were the chances on  them finding each other and getting a Bichon at the same breeders on the same day.I love great reunions everyone was so happy.

God is good.They will be back together to pick up their puppies in December. We have always said Bichon’s are an exceptional comfort to everyone. Now we can say Bichon’s reunite long lost friends. Here is a picture of four amazing people that found each other again  through a love they have in common a Bichon.Anna & Gabriel and Nik & Eda holding two of our puppies that are available for adoption

 today July 21st 2013. 

Update all puppies from July 23 2013 has found their forever homes.