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This very happy puppy was picked up a few weeks ago from Bichon Lovers to live at his forever home!

Trillium and Seventh Heavens pups
will be ready for adoption at 8 weeks old
February 11th and 12th 2017 (all adopted)
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$250 non – refundable deposit required to be on
Bichon Lovers puppy waiting list.

 Please call Fern @  519-875-1482 when you’re ready to
reserve your puppy with Bichon Lovers
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Blessed Christmas and a prosperous New Year

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Unconditional love!

Trillium babies2 girlsand3 boys born December 17th/16

All adopted

Girl # 1 Tony (Vaughan)

Girl # 2 Peter (Mississauga)

Boy # 1 Zhang (Waterloo) (1 of 2)

Boy # 2 Richard and Janis (Lakeshore)

Boy # 3 Sharron (London)

Seventh Heaven babies 4 girls and 3 boys born December 17th/16

All adopted

Girl # 1 Zhang (Waterloo) (2 of 2)

Girl # 2 Rus and Lisa (Simcoe)

Girl # 3 Leanne (New Foundland)

Girl # 4 Miriam (Toronto)

Boy # 1 Jean and Glen (Windsor)

Boy # 2 Joanne (Windsor) (1of 2)

Boy # 3 Joanne (Windsor) (2 of 2)

Adding new pictures as pups grow!

Party time February 11th & 12th 2017 …picking up our new family members….. Going to our new forever homes

Born near Christmas Day and went home near Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentines Day everyone ❤

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Nevadas and Phenix’s and Santana’s pups!

Phenix had her babies March 3rd/17 will be ready for
adoption April 30th 2017 (all adopted)
Girl #1 Julie (Coquitlam, BC) April 29th @ 1pm
Boy #1 Elyse (Toronto) April 29th @ 1pm
Boy #2 Sulei (London)  April 29th @ 3pm
Boy #3 James and Laurie 1 of 2 (Burlington) April 29th @ 4pm
Boy #4 James and Laurie April 29th @ 4pm
$250 non – refundable deposit required to be on 
Bichon Lovers puppy waiting list.
Reserve your pup today with a $250 non refundable deposit that can be held up to two
 calander years or till we are no longer able to breed dogs.  Call for details.
 Please call Fern @  519-875-1482 when you’re ready to 
reserve your puppy with Bichon Lovers 
To receive a puppy information pack and lots of referrals
Please fill out the puppy application form
Nevada and Santana and delivered their babies May 1st
Nevada 4 girls and 1 boy (all reserved and ready for pick up June 24th 2017 at 8 weeks old) (all adopted)
Girl #1 Katherine (BL pup#2)
Girl #2 Karen (Georgetown)
Girl #3 Teresa (Kingston)
Girl #4 Michelle (Richmond Hill)
Boy #1 Rea (Calgary)
Santana 4 girls and 1 boy (all reserved and ready for pick up June 25th 2017 at 8 weeks old) (all adopted)
Girl #1 David R (Toronto)
Girl #2 Gillian and Jonathan (Newfoundland)
Girl #3 Phyllis and Donald (New Brunswick (BL pup#2)
Girl #4 Lindsey (St Johns Newfoundland)
Boy #1 Anne (Kitchener)
The boys in the Bichons Lovers all boys club will be picked up by their loving new family’s on Sept 2nd and 3rd/17
Boy #1 Judy (Caledon)
Boy # 2 Linda (Kitchener)
Boy #3 Nancy (Toronto)
Boy #4 Brian and Kim (Pickering)
Boy #5 Peter (Mississauga) (BL pup#2)
Boy #6 Shannan and Dave (Stoney Creek)
Phoenix (born in Sept 11 /17) …..5 boys 1 girl
Puppy pick up dates November 4th/17 (all adopted)
Girl # 1 Gary and Angela (Ancaster)
Boy #1Karla
Boy #2John (Toronto)
Boy #3Wanda (Guelph)
Boy #4Josie (Oakville)
Boy #5 Marie (Guelph)
Juliette’s babies born Sep 19th/17 …. 4 girls 1 boy ready for pick up  November 14th/17 (all adopted)
Girl #1 Elaine (Thornhill)
Girl # 2 Pam (Port Dover)
Girl # 3 Leah (East Aurora)
Girl # 4 Colleen (Hamilton)
Boy # 1 Josie (Oakville)
Update On Juliette’s babies Sept 24th
Daddy discovered a surprise this morning not sure why he didn’t see it sooner but we have a boy in with the Juliette’s girls! Either daddy is so tired and didn’t see it or it just developed big enough today at 5 days old to see a boy pee pee. Daddy said he thought it was a belly button it was so tiny and he picks them up several times everyday to give them a bottle. Daddy helps with some milk to give mommy Juliette a bit of a break! All of a sudden daddy yells out Fern come look we have a boy!
Oh daddy you need to get some rest! This week has been very exhausting for daddy!
Here’s the story about the day Juliette had her babies
My mommy and daddy awoke on September 18th at 6 am to start the day like every other day. Feeding,washing and taking care of Phenix and her babies and all the other moms and dads.
Little did they know they would be awake for the next 25 + hours having a very eventful time. I Julie decide I would start going into labour at 10 pm on the 18th just before our bedtime. I had my first baby (girl #1) at 1 am on the 19th. Then two more hours went by but no more babies were arriving I then proceeded to be in active labour for 1 1/2 hours. Mommy and daddy got worried because no babies were coming, so they called the vet and headed out the door at 4:30 am with me and my one baby. It’s 40 mins to get to our vet. Daddy driving and mommy in the back seat with me and my baby. Mommy asked the vet to be ready for us for a possible cesarian but….. something happened while we were on route to the vet.Mommy just got off the phone giving a detail report as to what was happening and to tell her how much longer it would take for us to get to the vet. Mommy yelled to daddy pull over and out popped another baby (girl #2) Mommy quickly called the vet to tell her what happened. We turned around and started back home. Our 30 min ride home turned into a much longer ride. Yep I kept having my babies and daddy kept pulling over. By the time we got home at 6am I had two more babies (girl #3 and girl #4) ! We got home and I had another one at 6:20 am (boy #1) (We thought is was a girl but discovered it to be a boy 5 days later, thought it was a belly button it was so tiny)
I’m not even tired because it took me 7 hours to have my babies but my mommy and daddy are very tired because they’ve been awake and very busy for a day and one all nighter ! My mommy gave me lots of food to eat because I was really hungry