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Dallas and Romeo babies born July 3rd  2016 
                          3 girls 1 boy (all adopted)

Santana and Barkley babys born July 8th 2016 

                         2 girls 2 boys (all adopted)

Dallas babies (all reserved). Pick up date August 28-31st/16

Boy # 1 Pardis (Thornhill)
Girl # 1 Karen (New Brunswick)
Girl # 2 Adrian (Toronto)

Girl #3 Ken & Sylvia (Windsor)

Santana’s babies (all reserved) Pick up date August 28th-31st/16
Girl # 1 Samson (Markham)
Girl # 2 Phyllis and Donald  (New Brunswick)
Boy # 1 Marco (Toronto)
Boy # 2 Sheri (Nova Scotia)
Daddies girls Dallas and Santana
Phillis and Donald travelled from
New Brunswick to pick up their new puppy Sparkle.
They also generously agreed to bring Karen and Sherri’s puppies Chantilley and Kaiden to their new homes too. (Sherri is joining us from Nova Scotia)
Very touching reunion and their thoughts about their trip!
At the end of the video the pups go crazy with kisses!
The following 3 YouTube videos is the puppies amazing accommodations on their journey to their new homes.

pre reserved pups

Puppies  adopted adopted by November and December /16
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Julie’s babies born October 10/16 Two girls and four boys

Girl #1 Marylyn (Mississauga)

Girl #2 Sabrina

Boy #1 Prabh, Lucky, Noor (London)

Boy #2 Bessy (Markham)

Boy #3 Bessy (Markham)

Boy #4 adopted

Simonas babies arrived October 1st/16
five girls and four boys all adopted 
The following families have reserved pups were born October 1st 2016
Simonas pups born October 1/16.
Girl #1 & 2 from Simone Bichon Lovers keeping these pups
Girl #3 Anna (Toronto)
Girl #4 Emma, Edgar ,Karen (Toronto)
Girl #5 Connie & Robert (Port Colborne)
Boy # 1 Sarah (London)
Boy # 2 Vicki
Boy # 3 Lindsay,Tony,Jamie,Camryn
Boy # 4 Yan (Toronto)
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