Bichon Lovers - Puppy's available Nov 27/16
Bichon Lovers  - Where love begins and never ends

2017 list to reserve your puppy from Seventh Heaven and Trilliam's pups.

Simonas pups born October 1/16 (all adopted)
Girl #1 & 2 from Simone Bichon Lovers keeping these pups 
Girl #3 Anna (Toronto) 
Girl #4 Emma, Edgar ,Karen (Toronto)
Girl #5 Connie & Robert  (Port Colborne) 

Boy # 1 Sarah (London) 
Boy # 2 Vicki (Toronto)
Boy # 3 Lindsay,Tony,Jamie,Camryn (London)
Boy # 4 Yan (Toronto)

Julie's pups born October 10/16 (all adopted)
Girl #1 Marylyn (Mississauga)
Girl #2 Sabrina (Oralia)
Boy #1 Prabh, Lucky, Noor (London)
Boy #2 Bessy (Markham)
Boy #3 Bessy (Markham)
Boy #4 Rosemary (Oakville)

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Ready for adoption at 8 weeks old 
$250 non - refundable deposit required to be on 
Bichon Lovers puppy waiting list 2017

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