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Have the very Merry Blessed Holidays
Seasons Greetings

Winnie The Pooh And Piglet

 Christmas ... Hanukkah ...  
Blessings and prosporous New Year

Please share those special 
family photos 
or videos. 
Stories of great times on this holiday season of your fluffs you 
adopted from Bichon Lovers



My name is Starlet and I live in California with my mommy and daddy Reginald and sisters. 
I think I am about 9 years old.
Christmas time with my family in 2014

Happy Holidays!
Abigail and Charlotte enjoying one of 
their favourite cart rides
Cheers Cathy and the girly girls xo

Maggie and Daisy 2014

 Jessie 2014... 8 years old                   
  • Jessie if she understood would prance like a princess as she always does when she's being admired. They both had a beautiful Christmas, spoiled with the new santa suit and new dresses, not to mention toys and treats. They had sleepovers, and gatherings where they were the center of attention, Olivia my little niece lives to see Jessie. They are dogs that are so truly loved and spoiled, how can I ever Thank You for giving me such an important part of my life eight years ago, especially since my husband passed away, they have been the center of my world and they know it... Thank you once again. I hope you and David had a blessed Christmas with your family? 
  • When people are around I never get the opportunity to even talk to the girls never mind touch them, they are everyone's babies out here. Even my Aunt who don't really like dogs, have dog sat for me because she just loves Jessie. Good Luck getting a picture with them. I'm not allowed because I have them all the time apparently. hahahahahah
Maggie 2014

Bea Gee 2014

Toby 2014


Holli Bell is 6 months old and ready to rock it with the relatives over Christmas! 2014

Holli and her friends 

Ella 2014

Ella's (Pamela) first 
Christmas with her new family 2013

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Holiday story's with photos 
of  your family and fluffs. 
May David and I be a part of your celebration through photos and stories 
of your special moments together.

Thank you so much.
Please send your family photos or video and stories to email 
and I will to post them to this
Christmas/Hanukkah celebration page.

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