Bichon Lovers - Blessings on Thanksgiving
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Nevada the magnificent  
all dressed up in her 
new Thanksgiving dresses 
for breakfast dinner. 

My daddy Barkley is AKC and CKC registered with duel citizenship. 

Canadian Thanksgiving
and American Thanksgiving 

Blessing to all our 
Canadian and American  
family and friends.

This Thanksgiving or any day 
365 days a year  please share 
what you are thankful for ......

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Top 10 Recipes 
For Homemade 
Dog Breath Treats

We are thankful this Thanksgiving for our fluffs great health and sweet breath. 

#1 Give fresh dog bones from the butcher – I give my dog a large raw beef bone to chew on every now and then (roughly a couple times each month). I get them from our local butcher. Some grocery stores sell them as well — in the meat department.


#2 Brush your dog’s teeth –  I use a finger brush to brush my dog’s teeth. Even though he absolutely loves the beef-flavored doggies toothpaste, I honestly don’t do this as frequently as I should. But every little bit helps, so I’m not going to beat myself up about it.

#3 Give homemade dog breath treats– Instead of making ‘regular’ homemade dog treats, you can freshen your dog’s breath at the same time by including specific ingredients that are known to do this.

#4 Use dog mouthwash (a drinking water additive) – For us, adding a dog-friendly drinking water alternative worked really well at first, but then the results sort of fizzled. It’s a good first step in your attempt to freshen your dog’s breath, but not long-lasting.

Today, I’m going to focus on homemade dog breath treats that you can make.More  .......


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