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This very happy puppy was picked up a few weeks ago from Bichon Lovers to live at his forever home!

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Trillium and Seventh Heavens pups
will be ready for adoption at 8 weeks old 
February 11th and 12th 2017 (all adopted)
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$250 non - refundable deposit required to be on 
Bichon Lovers puppy waiting list.

 Please call Fern @  519-875-1482 when you're ready to reserve your puppy with Bichon Lovers 

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Blessed Christmas and a prosperous New Year

This is all you need for 365 days a year!
Unconditional love!

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Trillium babies2 girls and 3 boys born December 17th/16
All adopted

Girl # 1 Tony (Vaughan)
Girl # 2 Peter (Mississauga)
Boy # 1 Zhang (Waterloo) (1 of 2)
Boy # 2 Richard and Janis (Lakeshore)
Boy # 3 Sharron (London)

Seventh Heaven babies 4 girls and 3 boys born December 17th/16
 All adopted 
Girl # 1 Zhang (Waterloo) (2 of 2)
Girl # 2 Rus and Lisa (Simcoe)
Girl # 3 Leanne (New Foundland)
Girl # 4 Miriam (Toronto)
Boy # 1 Jean and Glen (Windsor)
Boy # 2 Joanne (Windsor) (1of 2)
Boy # 3 Joanne (Windsor) (2 of 2)

Adding new pictures as pups grow! 

Party time February 11th & 12th 2017 ...picking up our new family members..... Going to our new forever homes  
Born near Christmas Day and went home near 
Valentine's Day 
Happy Valentines Day everyone ❤


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Nevadas and Phenix's and Santana's pups! 


Phenix had her babies March 3rd/17 will be ready for adoption April 30th 2017 (all adopted)

Girl #1 Julie (Coquitlam, BC) (Bichon Lovers pup#2)
Boy #1 Elyse (Toronto)
Boy #2 Sulei (London)
Boy #3 James and Laurie 1 of 2 (Mississauga)
Boy #4 James and Laurie 2 of 2

More babies arriving soon
Mother Nature has arrived for 
Nevada and Santana and their babies will be born around the end of April 2017

Waiting list has been started with the following families
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Girl #1 Katherine (BL pup#2)
Girl #2 Karen (Georgetown) 
Girl #3 Teresa (Kingston)
Boy #1 Rea (Calgary)
Boy or girl Beatrice (Toronto)
Boy  Joe (Tecumseh)
Boy David R (Toronto)
Boy or girl Gillian Redmond and Jonathan (Newfoundland)

Future reserved pups for tentative August 2017
Girl #1 Phyllis and Donald (New Brunswick (BL pup#2)
Girl #2 Jorge (Mississauga)

Future reserved pups for May 2018
Girl #1 Elaine (Thornhill) 

Postponed to later litter 
Boy Yvonne (Mississauga)
Girl Stephen (Markham)

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